ZCE系列纸浆脱气器/ ZCE Series Pulp Deaerator 

ZCE系列纸浆脱气器/ ZCE Series Pulp Deaerator

用 途 :







装置在纸机上浆系统的ZCE系列脱气器,将从除渣器来的浆料,以压力送入多支进浆管,通过高旋转速率的喷嘴,强烈地喷射到脱气器的顶部,使浆料分散成许多小液滴,并形成一层沿着脱气器的圆柱形表面运动的液膜;而脱气器内的真空度对浆料产生沸腾的作用,使浆料中的游离气体和气泡在低压下开始膨胀;并撞击破裂,其残留和结合的空气也被有效地分离喷射、撞击、沸腾等三个物理作用,使浆料中的空气100%脱出,纤维絮聚也得到疏解。同时,将浆料浓度波动分划为微小的独立成分单体,并在脱气器器体内停留一定时间, 在特殊设计的堰板作用下,使浆流在脱气器内成反向流动,而有效地控制频率高于0.03Hz的浆流脉动和浓度波动。


浆料通过除渣器中的Spinjet 低压降喷射器喷嘴,喷嘴的喷射效果扩大液滴的暴露面积,提高空气的去除率。


浆料冲击到脱气器的顶部, 打碎浆料中的纤维束,使 粘附在纤维上的气泡脱离。脱气器的内表面,可以防 止任何结垢出现。




Manufactured under the license of Andritze-Ahlstrom,ZCE series deaerator is a kind of key equipment for the flow approach system in modern paper machine. The equipment is arranged between the cleaner and low-pulse paper machine screen for separating and Removing 100% air in pulp. It eliminates pulp's fluctuations of pressure, flow or consistency before the pulp goes into the headbox so that pulp's stability will be kept in favor of sheet formation and quality stability.

Design Features:

Realizing complete deaeration of the pulp onto the wire by physical actions such as jet flow and falling film, hydraulic impact on surface, vacuum and dwell time etc.

Realizing the stability of the consistency as well as flow and pressure of the pulp which enters the head box so that paper's basis weight varies little and paper quality will be significantly improved.

Preventing slime pulp from producing, preventing foaming, reducing the accumulation of dirty materials so as to improve the dewatering of wire end and get better paper formation.Structure Principles

Structure Principle:

ZCE series deaerator consists of pulp-feeding jet manifold, nozzles with high rotational velocity and low pressure-drop, overflow slice and deaerator's body etc.

Mounted in the flow approach system of a paper machine, ZCE series deaerator feeds the stock which comes from the cleaner into

the pulp-feeding manifold by pressure and then goes through the nozzles with high rotational velocity, the stock is jetted intensively onto the roof of the deaerator, where the stock is dispersed into a lot of droplets and a layer of fluid-flim is formed, which moves along a cylindrical surface. And the boiling action, which is generated by the vacuum in the deaerator, makes the free air and bubbles in the stock expend, impact and break under low pressure so that the remained and combined air is effectively acted by three physical actions: separately jetting, impacting and boiling, thus the air in the stock will be 100% removed and fiber flocculation will also be mitigated. Simultaneously pulp's consistency fluctuation is divided into tiny monomers with independent component, and the monomers will dwell in the deaerator for a certain time; and being acted by the specially designed slice, the pulp flow is made flow in the opposite direction so that the pulp-flow pulsations whose frequency are higher than 0.03Hz and consistency fluctuation will be controlled effectively.

Spraying The stock is fed through low-pressure-drop Spinjet nozzles which are located in the cleaner. The effect is to create a spray to maximize the exposed droplet surface area and enhance air removal.

Impingement The hydraulic impact of stock against the roof of the de- aerator breaks down fiber bundles and releases bound air bubbles. The deaerator interior is highly polished to prevent any build-up of deposits.

Boiling The absolute pressure in the deaerator is maintained at the boil- ing point corresponding to the stock temperature by using a self-regu- lating vacuum system, which en- sures that all the air released in the deaerator is removed

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